Imagine you’re preparing for a trip.

Maybe it’s your chance to get away for a while. Perhaps you’re visiting a new city on business, or gearing up for a backpacking tour.

You already know about the must-see landmarks. The tourist destinations and sightseeing traps from the popular travel guides, reviews, and countless top-ten lists on the web. Now you’re looking for something a little off the well-traveled path. You want a sense of connection to a place, a unique experience, or maybe you just want to know where the best food in the area really is.

Why not ask a local?

About this site

You’ve arrived at Local Reaches, a blog exploring various cities and regions around the globe through the eyes of those who live there.

Each post is a collaboration with a local from somewhere in the world, excited to give you advice about visiting their home area! Use the information here as a way to complement your travel planning, as a starting point to experience a new destination, or to just read about places you might not have heard of before.

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